This pasta has been readded to Creepypasta Wiki under the title "Alone in the Darkness".

Original title: “Dark
Date added: 04/07/13
Date stored: 04/28/13
Date readded: 4/29/13

Take a moment to think. Put down your book, or your phone, or your laptop. Look around you. Do you have a light on? Probably. 

Are you frightened of the dark? Try it. Go to a cupboard, close the door and turn off the light. Is it dark enough?

Dark enough you can’t see your hand before your eyes?

Dark enough that you’re beginning to feel a chill run up your spine?

You may say you don’t fear the dark, but you will find you do. You are terrified at the unknown, at what lies lurking just out of sight.

In some ways it’d be a release to see the sharp claw, hear the monstrous chuckle, feel the surge of agony as it rips through you. At least that way you’d know it’s really there, and not just your imagination.

But for now you’re stuck there.

In the dark.

Is this how people become monsters?

Do shadows creep into their soul?

Or is it just this everlasting, neverending darkness that consumes them?

That eats away at them?

That fills them again, full of murder and bloodshed and strife?

Let’s find out.

Wait, in the darkness, and find out.

And hope that it doesn’t consume you.