Hey, wait! The girl yelled. Her friend, Keith, turned around. What do you want? He asked. Here, since I'll be leaving, have this necklace. She said and handed him a silver necklace. Keith threw the necklace on the ground. I don't need your stupid necklace,Eris. He said. I don't want to remember you at all. Eris went to pick up the necklace, but Keith kicked it. You were once my friend. Eris cried and ran away. The next day, he found the necklace tied to his wrist. He laughed it off, but fet a little bit guilty about yesterday. Keith called Eris. Hey, Eris, you there? He asked. A different voice answered. This is not Eris. She commited suicide. Keith slammed the phone against the wall in disbelief. He ran to his friend's house to tell him about that. As he knocked, a laugh could be heard. He opened the door and saw his friend's head cut off. He scaredly ran away to tell the police. Keith went through an alley, which was a shortcut to the police station. Then he felt something grab him by the neck. Hello again... She said. Keith recognized the voice. I said that I'll be leaving. You gave me one more reason why. She whispered. Now put on the necklace. Keith was scared. Eris laughed and put the necklace on Keith's neck. She tied the necklace to a plank and left him to choke. As he let out his last breath, he heard her say. Now we can be together. For ever.